Laser Eye Surgery

Can you think of a life without eyes? Eyes are a great blessing of nature and a person can never take any risks associated with the treatment of minor or even major problems related to the eye. Laser eye surgeries have become very common all over the world for the treatment of various disorders including cataract, glaucoma, and weak eyesight. While the surgeons take extra precautionary measures and keep assistants with them when performing this type of an operation, rare cases in which blindness, nerve damage, and deterioration of vision do occur making a person reliant on medicines, artificial lenses, or eye glasses for the rest of their life.

Such cases of negligence are not to be overlooked and they are included in laser eye surgery negligence claims. You may wish to opt for a complaint in this context instead of involving legal authorities but in case you don’t receive timely or satisfactory response from the hospital authorities, the only option left is to file a claim. This type of legal system is designed to make patients aware of their rights when it comes to carelessness on part of doctors, physicians and surgeons even if it is as small as prescribing the wrong medication or delaying a treatment.

Types of Eye Surgery Related Errors

Just like any other doctor, an eye specialist is expected to diagnose a condition on time and start a correct and proper treatment right away. In case of disorders of the eye, it is usually unacceptable to delay treatment because conditions like glaucoma are progressive and they make a person lose his or her vision if not controlled on time. Here are some of the errors that may take place during or after the surgery making you eligible to file a medical negligence claim;

  • Incorrect laser being used for surgery causing blindness, dryness, blurred vision, or extreme pain after the surgery
  • Using an infected or faulty lens for cataract surgery
  • Inexperience in correcting vision for a refractive surgery resulting in blindness or other problems
  • Nerve and muscle damage
  • Poor post-operative care causing the condition to recur
  • Retinal detachment because of improper care

Other errors may also occur because of negligence on part of the surgeon or his assistant during a laser eye surgery. These errors have to be recorded and presented in front of the jury when an appeal is made to recover the costs spent on medications, consultation fees, surgery charges, and other expenses.

Free Legal Advice

Before you decide to file a claim for a laser eye surgery mishap, it is recommended to get free legal advice in order to assess your case thoroughly. This free assessment is provided by specialised solicitors to make sure that the case is purely a negligence case and there is a person directly or indirectly responsible for this catastrophe. Without proper evidence you would not be able to receive any compensation for the loss. Moreover, there is a time constraint of up to three years after which your claims are not entertained. It is advisable to act fast if you wish to recover your costs and receive justice for the consequences of a medical negligence case. Such type of advice is now available on line through medical negligence solicitors who deal with special cases like laser eye surgery negligence and the like.


Sometimes an error during a laser eye surgery makes a person permanently blind or calls for further surgery to correct that error. All this is extremely traumatic for the patient as he or she not only experiences an irreparable damage done to one of their vital organs, but also spends more money on medicines and further treatments to get back to a normal stage.

It is therefore mandatory to uncover such negligence and carelessness in the form of a medical negligence claim so that other patients could be warned of the consequences of having the surgery done by an inexperienced or incompetent eye surgeon. Moreover, the person who becomes a victim of laser eye surgery negligence deserves some sort of compensation for the loss he or she bears. This compensation is meant to make them financially and emotionally stable and approach another doctor or surgeon to correct their vision.