Cancer Misdiagnosis & Delay

Misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment is unacceptable in any field of medicine but when a person is suffering from a type of cancer, such negligence is completely intolerable. If cancer is diagnosed too late, the patient has no option but to leave the things on sheer luck because the treatment is then less likely to work and the chances of survival are quite thin. It has been found through survey that almost half of all patients diagnosed with cancer in England are started treatment when the disease has already reached an advanced stage. Many of these cases can be associated with negligence on part of the physician whom the patient approached initially, surgeon who performed surgery without any success, and doctor who delayed treatment because of test reports not fetched on time.

These are cases of cancer misdiagnosis and delay and a person or their family members are eligible to file a claim for compensation when such carelessness causes dreadful consequences. Sometimes doctors forget to carry out sentinel lymph node biopsy, which causes a delay in diagnosing the cancer and hence the disease slowly progresses without notice. Sometimes there are long waiting times given to patients because of the number of people wanting to see a specialist. Because of these waiting periods, a delay in diagnosis and treatment of cancer takes place.

All these things are included in cancer misdiagnosis and delay negligence. Cancer specialists should be available in all hospitals and health care facilities so that they are able to see as many patients as they can. Moreover, there is a need to improve clinical standards and provide more machines that make it possible for the doctors to diagnose a cancer in its early stage. Despite these efforts, there are instances when a doctor makes a wrong diagnose, prescribes incorrect medications, delays actual treatment, and contributes to a worsened condition, which at times becomes difficult or almost impossible to treat.

Types of Cancer Misdiagnosis & Delay Claims

There are many different types and stages of cancer and the misdiagnosis and medical negligence specialists are able to assist you with the type suitable to your situation. Here is a list of some of the common cancer types for which misdiagnosis and delay in treatment calls for a negligence claim;

  • Breast and cervical cancer
  • All types of leukaemia or blood cancer
  • Liver and lung cancer
  • Bone cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Skin and oral cancer
  • Testicular and prostate cancer
  • Oral cancer

Usually a delay in treatment occurs when the doctor or physician is unable to diagnose a particular type of cancer on first or second visit. At times there are no apparent symptoms but a doctor may prescribe blood and urine tests to further assess the situation based on family history of cancers. It is therefore considered the responsibility of the physician if he or she fails to provide adequate and timely treatment for any type of cancer no matter at what stage it is diagnosed.

Free advice and consultation is available to those who wish to pursue a medical negligence claim in the context of cancer misdiagnosis and delay in treatment. The specialised solicitors are there to assess each and every situation individually because there are many underlying factors that lead to a misdiagnosis of a disease as fatal as cancer. Sometimes it is the carelessness of the patient and not the doctor that causes a delay in treatment and therefore it is necessary to procure evidence that would help in determining who exactly was at fault.



Cancer is a disease that progresses with time and there is absolutely no justification for delaying its treatment or misdiagnosing the classic symptoms. The chances of survival are largely dependent on not just the type of treatment adopted but also on diagnosing the disease in its early stages. Cancer misdiagnosis and delay in treatment therefore becomes a legal case and the patient or their family members can file for a claim to recover some of the costs spent on medication, procedures and surgeries, blood tests, and other expenses. The incompetence of the doctor who was responsible for a misdiagnosis or delay must be exposed so that other patients could be saved from this intolerable negligence.